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The Rangitata


Home Size






5 4 2 3 3

Featuring a fantastic games room, three car garaging, four bedrooms with a fifth bedroom/study option The Rangitata is the ultimate home for larger families and entertainers. The spacious kitchen and walk in pantry setup has been designed to make food preparation a breeze. The unique, angled footprint allows generous amounts of daylight to stream in through the numerous stacker sliding exterior doors.


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Rangitata Contemporary
  › Horizontal Window Design
  › Sunny Layout
  › Blended Exterior Claddings
Rangitata Classic
  › Strong Brick Exterior
  › Generous Picture Windows
  › Tiled Roof
Rangitata Architectural
  › Shallow Pitch Roof
  › Plastered Exterior
  › Schist Detailing

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