We continually sing the praises of Today Homes and recommend at any and every opportunity. Our experience with the build is that it went like clock work and weekly update mirrored what had been planned to happen. It was stress free and when it came to a small number of things at the end that we needed addressed its was easily remedied and again stress free.

We have been so pleased they had suggested a drop down ladder to utilise the space in the upstairs gable of the garage - one of the best things. The kitchen joiners and installers were wonderful to work with - especially with additional ideas and did an excellent job.

The builder - so easy to work with and again excellent work. The building site was always kept tidy. Everyone on the job are super nice people all the trades and they sing the praises of working with Today Homes as well. Right to the end with the cleaners coming in they spoke only of good things being employed to do this work as well.

Caroline and Nigel, Kaiapoi

Authorelliott duston