Logan Fort and Sonia Newton are delighted with the new home that Today Homes has built for them in Rolleston and especially pleased that they and their two children have been able to move in before Christmas as they hoped.

“We purchased the section on the 1st of April and we really wanted to be in before Christmas”, Sonia says. “Today Homes indicated that we would have the handover by 10th December and they have kept to their commitment which we think is really great.” In fact, the family’s 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom home was completed in November - well within the agreed timeframe.

Sonia says that Today Homes has been “amazing” throughout the whole build process, which she describes as “extremely smooth”. “We had tried a few different companies before we came across Today Homes but it always seemed to be a headache when it came to agreeing on the contract price and working with the bank,” she says. “Today Homes worked in really well with our Bank Manager and helped translate the bank’s requirements into plain English for us, so everyone was happy.” “They also helped to show us where we could cut back on costs to make the build fit within our budget, for which we were so grateful,” Sonia adds.

Sonia says both she and Logan really appreciated the way in which Today Homes allowed them to have as much or as little input as they wanted at various stages of the build process. “The communication from the Today Homes team was excellent,” Sonia says. “They answered their phones when you called and if they were unavailable and you left a message, they called you back promptly.”

Sonia says the couple are enjoying everything about their new home. “This is our first home and we are really stoked,” she says. Sonia says that she would highly recommend Today Homes to anyone looking to build – in fact she has already referred her grandmother and her sister!

Authorelliott duston