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 KiwiSaver HomeStart grant

Using KiwiSaver to build your home

With the KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant you are eligible for up to $10,000 as an individual, or $20,000 as a couple, to help your build. The grant is calculated at $2,000 per year with the minimum contribution period being 3 years.

For full eligibility requirements, visit the KiwiSaver website, or contact Tony at Cosgroves for more details.


Dale and Laura

Customer Story

Dale and Laura had visited Today Homes one Saturday morning and really liked what they had seen in the show home, their sales consultant Daniel, was able to show them some plans and had found a section that would work with their plans. Dale and Laura were really excited as it had always been their dream to build their first new home.

So on Monday off they went to their bank to talk about finance. All looked good and they applied for finance and in a couple of days later had the good news, pre-approval, So the next step was talk to their solicitor about utilising Kiwi Saver and HNZ grant for their deposit. They were advised by their solicitor that they could not use their Kiwi Saver or HNZ grant as a deposit, it could only be used to purchase a completed home... surprised at this information and the dream not looking as if was going to happen they called Daniel to explain they could not go any further. Daniel was a little surprised about the news and suggested that they talk to Tony at Cosgroves, the mortgage adviser they use a lot and get his thoughts.

Daniel explained the situation to Tony and Tony followed up with a call to Dale to get his understanding and this appeared to be a situation that could easily be resolved so Tony promptly phoned the solicitor and explained how the process works. Dale and Laura were back on track! Tony then obtained finance with a better outcome for the client, helped pull the section agreement and build contract together, arranged the registered valuation and full approval for finance within four days. Then all that was needed was title issue and Tony continued to work with Dale and Laura and kept in touch with their solicitor on the progress and next steps.

Dale and Laura have now this week just had their foundations poured so the build is underway and Cosgroves are now managing the construction finance process for them.

Building a house does not have to be a stressful process, it’s all about the right advice at the right time and having the right team on board.

Karen and Mark

Customer Story

Tony at Cosgroves was highly recommended to Karen by a friend that Tony had previously helped in their finance and building their new home.

A quick call to Tony and he was able to assess their budget and things stacked up well, they wanted to do a turnkey package and after discussions with them about the pros and cons of a turnkey option they were convinced a house and land package was their best option along with better for them financially.

Tony’s reply: “While we were working on getting their finance approved, I suggested they have a chat to Today Homes and they contacted Angela who was able to find them a section they liked, worked with the ideas they had on the design for the home and promptly pulled together some plans that they loved.

Since this was a build, we only needed a deposit of 10%, with HNZ grant and Kiwi Saver savings, Karen and Mark were almost there deposit wise and only had to contribute $228.00 out of their own savings and they were on track to be building a brand new home for $550.000.

We liaised with their solicitor around HNZ grant and Kiwi Saver to allow an easy settlement on the section and then once their build began we managed the construction finance process. Just this week we have paid the invoice for the roof on stage so Karen and Mark’s new home is well underway.

Building a house does not have to be a stressful process, it’s all about having the right team on board to guide you step by step on the journey.”